Our Guiding Principles

  • Drive Local Market Success
  • Act Now - Get It Done Today
  • Set Targets, Keep Scores, Win
  • Monthly Team Focus - By Brand Segment
  • Respect Each Other

These principles will ensure your product gets the visibility and representation that it deserves.

Our Story

KCB Corporation was originally formed in 1991 with the premise of guiding different food and beverage products to the best distribution accounts and warehouses in the grocery industry. KCB formed a trusted partnership with the company Tampico Beverages from the beginning and has grown the product to capturing the top market share for juice drink in the Southwest region. KCB has employed a well-equipped sales staff in the five state region to broker these products in the most efficient way to help grow the brand and maximize sales for them. Each product requires the right amount of visibility and representation for it to succeed, which is what KCB Corporation specializes in.

The company was driven on the principles on having a manageable amount of total items represented, so in turn an adequate amount of attention is placed on each one. Food and Beverage businesses that look for ample time spent on their products in the Southwest region are tailor made for KCB Representation. KCB Corporaton’s workforce employs a multi dimensional sales strategy with frequent focus on headquarter sales, retail driven execution at a store level and strategic merchandising to follow through on what needs to be completed. KCB currently brokers with 6 different companies and has excelled in growing the brand, market share and total revenue in the five states it covers routinely.