KCB recognizes the power of marketing and branding for each one of the food and beverage items they represent. The target goal in all of our endeavors is to always grow the brand from a consumer standpoint in the stores to allow for fiscal sales to rise year after year. The KCB team utilizes all of its components to make sure this is achieved from numerous demo events to connect with the consumer on a personal level.  KCB also deploys rack and inventory displays in the key grocery stores complete with marketing visuals to gain a customer’s notice.

KCB also works with the headquarters of different retail outlets such as Walmart, HEB, Fiesta, Foodtown, El Rancho, Buy for Less, Brookshire Grocery, United and different cash n carry’s in the Southwest Region to provide a strategic partnership to help market and grow each brand in our portfolio. This is executed through ideas such as free customer giveaways, raffles, games, soccer remotes, festivals, a booth at traders village, radio and television spots with the ESPN Deportes companies in Texas and Oklahoma.

Any way or idea that the company KCB is employed by can connect with the consumer and make the brand grow in the market is readily examined and follow up with organization and implementation in the marketing and branding aspects.